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Stihl TS800 Cutquick cut off saw at Riverstone Mower World

Stihl Cut Off Saw
Model: TS 800 CutQuick

Displacment: 98.5cc
Power output: 5.0kW/6.8bhp
Power output: 5kW
Weight: 13kg without fuel or blade
Cut-Off Wheel: 400mm
Tank volume: 1.2L


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Quickcut Saws

Quick cut saws are considered to be portable and powerful tools. They are mainly used in cutting the stones and concrete in the landscape industry. They can also be used the cutting of metal and asphalt commercial applications.

The quick cut saw offers a filter service that is extremely long. This is mainly contributed by its air filter system that offers an innovative long life and has cyclone air routing. The quick cut saws can be hand operated or with FW 20 cart together.

It offers powerful and easy cuts. Some of the main features that make it comfortable in cutting different materials is the anti-vibration and low weight feature. The other additional feature is the wrap around handle that also offers comfort ability.

The quick cut saw for sale can be used in cutting of different materials but the main ones include natural stone, pipes, pre fab concrete and asphalt. The machine is therefore perfect for fire departments, civil engineering, building road and construction, council maintenance and emergency services

Quick cut saws uses carbide tipped blades, abrasive disks or even diamond tips in cutting of different materials. Water is mostly used for cooling the diamond abrasive disks when they generate heat in the process of cutting. The engine must never be operated indoors since the moment it starts to run, poisonous fumes are exhausted.

It is always advisable not to use the quick cut saw for sale if you have not not undergone proper training of its safe operation. Additionally one must always wear the right protective equipment.

A quick cut saw can generate a sound of about 105 db hence wearing a hearing protection in the process of cutting is advisable. When using the saw, always ensure you cover the blade with a working guard. The disk or saw blade is estimated to spin with a speed of 15,000 rpm. A shattered blade or even a piece of material can be thrown out with a speed of about 290km per hour.

This can cause serious injuries to to different parts of the body and the face. To prevent face injury, face shield together with the goggles can be used to provide protection to the eye. When using the quick cut saw, always start on the hard surface placing one foot on the handle specifically the rear handle of the saw.

At this point one hand should be on top of the handle so that it can lift the surface blade. The other hand is then used in pulling of the starter cord. Remember to always hold the saw using one hand and then start it in standing position.

To ensure the material being cut does not kickback towards you, always support it firmly. Ensure also that you grip the saw firmly with hands on each handle. To keep the saw from kicking back ensure the forward arm is straight.

To prevent blades from breaking, always use disks to cut the materials they are designed for. When cutting, avoid using and applying excessive pressure. When performing dry cutting blade, avoid making long continuous cuts. Changing the direction of a cut part should be avoided when making a way through.

In cases where you have damaged disks, ensure they are replaced immediately. Before moving around the job site, always remember to turn the saw off, this is mainly to prevent any accidents from happening. Always use the precaution of letting the engine cool for few minutes before deciding to refuel it. This is always the precaution taken with any small equipment.

Below explains some other additional safety hazards for quick cut saws

They include noise, airborne dust and carbon monoxide, pull in in and kickback, entanglement and cuts, flying particles and fire from refueling.

In using the quick cut saws, instructors are the first people supposed to demonstrate the right and correct way of wearing of the PPE and ways of using the saw. Each of the crew members should then go ahead and perform a demonstration showing they clearly understands the correct way of wearing the PPE and using a quick cut saw. In accordance with the recommendations given by the manufacturers, the intakes and guards should be regularly cleaned.

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