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Push Vacs

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Stihl SE 62 electric wet dry vac

Stihl Wet Dry Electric Vac
Model: SE 62

This powerful yet lightweight wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a highly effective all rounder. Compact, mobile and easy to use, this machine is perfect for professional use or at home for a variety of cleaning jobs. Clean hard-to-reach areas with the new blower feature and clean more effectively than ever before. With a high quality, long-lasting build and great handling, this machine will be the new number 1 in its class.

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Rover 1.5 inch chipper shredder vac at Riverstone Mower World

Rover 1.5" Chipper Shredder Vac
Model: 24A-06MP333

159cc Rover 4 stroke motor
1.5" chipper capacity
2 bushell collection bag
5 year domestic warranty / 90 day commercial warranty

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Rover 3 inch chipper shredder vac at Riverstone Mower World

Rover 3" Chipper Shredder Vac
Model: 24A-204R333

Briggs and Stratton 205cc motor
3" chipper capacity
3 bushell collection bag
2 year domestic warranty on engine, 5 year on unit
90 day commercial warranty

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Echo Bearcat at Riverstone Mower World

Echo Bearcat push vac at Riverstone Mower World

Echo Bearcat Push Vac
Model: WV190

Briggs and Stratton 190cc motor
27" collection width
5-blade impeller
6 bushell quick dump bag
5 height adjustment settings
Optional extras include: Hose, pivoting casters, nozzle wear plate and spare collection bag.
2 year domestic warranty / 1 year commercial

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Push Vacs

Do you want to vacuum those leaves within the shortest time possible? Are you looking for an efficient blower vacuum to use in spring for the annual 'spring clean-up'? Do you want to know the best property clean-up machines available on the market? Worry not. This article will give you a detailed introduction to push blower vac, billy goat blower vac, push blower.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Push Blower Vacuum

Out of experience and according to genuine customer reviews and testimonials, it is advisable to consider the following factors before buying a push blower vacuum.

Price: The price tag is a good indicator of quality. Nevertheless, this is not always a rule of the thumb. The higher the price the better the features and specifications. In this article, you will learn about the best cheap push blower vacuums available at Riverstone Mower World.

Rating: Rating is an indicator of quality. The average rating runs from 0 to 5. A higher rating is an indicator of outstanding quality and efficiency.

Noise Level: The noise level is occasionally measured at full power. The less loud the push blower vacuum, the more efficient and comfortable it is to use.

Leaf Blowing Speed: The faster the leaf blowing speed, the highly efficient the push blower vacuum. A faster leaf blowing speed is an indicator of good sweeping performance.

Reviews: The many the positive reviews, the more dependable the push blower vacuum. It is also vital to know that pricier items occasionally generate less reviews.

Weight: It is important to look out for less bulky push blower vacuums. Heavy push blower vacuums are likely to predispose you to back pains. Maneuverability with lightweight push blowers is excellent. In addition, moving a lightweight push blower from one place to another is easy.

Guide to Push Blower Vacuums

Push blower vacuums are among the many types of blowers available at Riverstone Mower World. These blowers have the ability to vacuum a lot of leaves within a short period of time. The push blower vacuums come with outstanding features for instance adjustable handle, self-propelled capabilities, wide vacuum nozzle and of course, a warranty.

Self-propelled Capabilities: Most of the push blower vacuums stocked at Riverstone mower world are self-propelled. They come with dual front castor wheels and large rear tires to give you easy/directed control on both hard and soft surfaces.

Wide Vacuum Nozzles: To ensure faster collection of waste materials and debris, most push blower vacuums at Riverstone world are designed with wide nozzles.

Adjustable Handle: Most push blower vacuums from Riverstone mower world come with adjustable handles. These handles have the ability to adjust in different positions and are connected directly to the frame for a vibration free operation.

Easy to Use: The push blower vacuums are easy to convert to blower. You can use them to dry your car after washing or even to blow away dust from your computer.

Billy Goat Blower Vacuums

Do you want to acquire a blower vacuum with a reputation for quality, innovation and productivity? With Billy Goat Blower Vacuums, you won't go wrong. Lucky enough, Billy Goat Blower Vacuums are available at Riverstone Mower World.

Popular Billy Goat Blower Vacuum Brands at Riverstone Mower world

QV Quiet Vacuum: This 33-inch blower vacuum is perfect for municipal, industrial or commercial cleanup. This series of blower vacuums offer unique cyclonic filtration, dust stock technology and low noise.

KV Vacuum: The principles behind the functioning of this 27-inch blower vacuum are simple operation, strong suction and reliable design. KV Vacuum is ideal for property and residential maintenance.

KD Blower Vacuum: It comes with chipping options and self-propelled capabilities.

MV MultiVac: This top blower vacuum comes with a quality Honda engine, 3-speed transmission, 30-gallon zipper-less bag, adjustable intake, top fill design and rear wheel drive.

QV Blower Vacuum: This 33-inch-nozzle width Billy goat blower vacuum is designed to work efficiently on turf or hard surfaces.

TKV Vacuum: This 27-inch wide Billy Goat Blower Vacuum comes with simple operation capabilities, reliable design and strong suction.

SV Multi-purpose Blower Vacuum: This state of the art Billy Goat blower vacuum comes with a 27-inch intake nozzle and a bagging system. It is quiet and powerful in operation. Do you want to pick those thatch leaves or litter? This is the best blower vacuum for you.

BG Hard Surface Blower Vacuum: This Billy Blower vacuum is designed for use on hard surfaces only. The vacuum blower features swivel casters for perfect maneuverability and a 29-inch adjustable intake nozzle. Furthermore, it is quiet in operation and powerful.

Final Verdict

When it comes to property cleanup, think no further than Riverstone Mower World. This local hardware shop has been faithfully servicing Riverstone and the surrounding suburbs since 1993 with state of the art outdoor garden equipment to suit anyone from the professional contractor to the home gardener. The machines stocked here are genuine, reliable and of course- high quality.

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