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Pole Pruners

Echo Pole Pruners sales and repairs at Riverstone Mower World in Sydney

Echo Pole Pruner PPT235ES

Echo Pole Pruner
Model: PPT235ES

Displacement: 21.2 cc
Output: 0.66 kW
Dry Weight: 7.4 kg
Overall Length: 267-367 cm
Guide Bar Length: 25 cm (10")
Fuel Tank Capacity: 440 ml

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Echo Pole Pruners sales and repairs at Riverstone Mower World in Sydney

Echo Pole Pruner PPT265ES

Echo Pole Pruner
Model: PPT265ES

Displacement: 25.4 cc
Output: 0.86 kW
Dry Weight: 7.9 kg
Overall Length: 272-372 cm
Guide Bar Length: 30 cm (12")
Fuel Tank Capacity: 500 ml

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Oleo Mac Chainsaws - Riverstone Mower World

Oleo-Mac Pole Pruner PPX270

Oleo-Mac Pole Pruner
Model: PPX270

Displacement: 27cc
Output: 1.3HP (1kW)
Dry Weight: 7.4kg
Overall Length: 380cm
Guide Bar Length: 30.4cm (12")
Fuel Tank Capacity: 600ml



Pole Pruners

Riverstone Mower World

When you need to complete odd jobs and gardening around the house, it is always handy to have some great equipment ready to use. This is especially important if you are doing the same types of jobs consistently week in and week out. The right equipment will save you time and make your work look professional as well.

Pretty much every single household has at least one lawnmower, a whipper snipper and a set of hedgers. For most households, this is all the mowing and lawn trimming equipment you will ever need. Or perhaps it is all you have known and you are not sure what other fabulous items there are that can help you get the job done quicker and better.

When you take great pride in how your grass looks and how neatly your hedges are trimmed, you might need some more specific pieces of equipment to give you that special edge. There are some people who are absolutely fanatical about their lawns and gardens, and for them, work outside is something they schedule into each and every day. Some fanatical gardeners have even been known to go around and trim the edges of their lawns with a pair of scissors for that extra precision look!

Have you got bushes that have overgrown around the perimeter of your property? Are there hard to reach areas of your garden that you just never get to? It can be quite painful to have to keep getting the ladder out for the harder to reach areas. This is why some parts of your garden probably do get neglected, because it is just too hard.

There is an awesome range of specially designed equipment to help you so that you can reach even the most unthinkable areas!

If you have a look at the versatile range of pole pruners, you will see what a great help this tool could be for you. Pole pruners have the potential to make your garden look great from all angles and will save you so much time as well.

Choosing top quality pole pruners for sale will mean that you won't need to get the ladder out each time you are working in the garden, and chances are you could get one for a great price. You can easily compare the pole pruners for sale through viewing online stores that sell mowing equipment. A reputable store will have a photograph of the model, some information about the specs and features, as well as provide you with a competitive price.

When doing your research on a petrol pole pruner you will need to decide the size of tank that will suit you best. There are pros and cons for using a pole pruner that is lighter and therefore holds less petrol, and one that is heavier because it holds more. Having a lesser fuel capacity does mean that if you happen to run out half way through your gardening you will need to head out and get some more. Some people could find this quite annoying and would therefore prefer to have a petrol pole pruner with a larger fuel capacity.

When reviewing the various pole pruners for sale, make sure you check and see if they have an extendable handle. This could prove to be extremely handy, as it will allow you to reach even further without putting any strain on your body. Pole pruners are perfect for people with back issues and for the elderly as well. Even though you are carrying it around, with the fuel levels far less than 1 litre, having a nice extendable handle should mean it is quite easy to use.

You might find it is easier to use a pole pruner each and every week and actually get rid of your old hedge trimmers. The pruner shouldn't only be used for the hard to reach areas, but can be used in just about any area to cut back growth. It really is a very versatile piece of equipment that you can use all year round alongside your mower and whipper snipper.

Finding the right equipment should be easy and before you know it, you will have a garden that is looking so nice, your neighbours will be wondering how you did it!

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