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Log Splitters

Rover Log Splitters and equipment at Riverstone Mower World

Rover logsplitter 24AA5DML333

Model: 24AA5DML333

123cc MTD engine
8 Tonne splitter
19" log length capacity
Horizontal operation

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Rover Log Splitters and equipment at Riverstone Mower World

Rover Log Splitter - Model: 24AK59M5333

Model: 24AK59M5333

277cc Rover engine
33 Tonne splitter
25" log length capacity
Horizontal or vertical operation

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Log Splitters

Those who have split a pile of wood using the traditional easily appreciate the role of log splitters in this backbreaking activity. It is usually so tiresome and very few people look forward to it.

Mover World, log splitters are available in a wide variety, a sure way of making wood splitting activity fun. They save you lots of time and energy, making the machines so popular.

Generally, the log splitters are classified into three main categories, and the right option largely depends on your personal needs. The three main categories are the electric versions, the gas, and the manual varieties. Each of these categories has merits as well as drawbacks. By understanding the general features in each class, it becomes easier to narrow down your search to a smaller group of machines.

How Log Splitters Work

For first time users, it is important to know that the result is close to what an ax will give you, but the mechanism deployed is completely different. An ax generally relies on speed to generate the necessary force (pressure) necessary to split wood.

The log splitters on the other hands rely on strength and not force achieving the required results. It rams a wedge against the log, thereby splitting it into pieces. The amount of force produced differs from one machine to the other and is measured in tons. More tons mean that the machine can split harder logs as well as wider ones.

Although not always; the higher the tonne means the higher the price and the better the results. Depending on the situation and needs, they are likely used together with other tools like the chainsaw and a wood chipper for even better results.

Manual Splitters

This class of splitters is the most affordable of the three. However, it is also associated with the least splitting capacity. They are lightweight and thus portable. They are powered using a 2-speed pump. Before settling on this category of splitters as your choice, you need to consider the time you need for splitting as well as sizes and strength of wood being split. As such, they are most suitable for occasional users who find their cost and portability very convenient.

The Electric Log Splitters

They are costly when compared to manual splitters, but cheaper in comparison to gas log splitters. They range between 1-20 tonnes, meaning that they are suitable for heavy-duty wood splitting applications. However, they are not stationary as most models are towed to different locations. Their use is limited to locations with electric supply only, a reason that needs a careful consideration.

Gas Log Splitters

This is the third class and is suitable for heavy-duty use. It provides the heavy tonnes and thus higher splitting capacity. The tonnage range from 8 to as high as 45 or even more. These are the toughest and are the most expensive. They are most suitable for heavy-duty and regular users. They are heavier and may only be towed using the trailer hitch. They emit fumes and ventilation consideration is necessary when making the choice.

Investing in log splitter Sydney can turn out as your biggest investment ever. However, this is the case only if you invest in the right machine. There are hundreds of models under each class available at any given time.

All that you need is to find your way into Riverstone Mower World Sydney, where highly experienced experts are waiting to help you make the right choice suitable for your specific needs. Log splitters for Sale It is important to understand that not every log splitter for sale on display is suitable.

Buyers normally complain just a few days after they buy the machine, the main reason being that the selected machine is not suitable for the job. This is why the hand of experts is necessary to help you make the right choice.

In order to split a 6 to 7-inch diameter log, a 4-tonne splitter is good enough, however, cracking 2-foot wide trunk calls for 20 to 40-tonne splitter depending on the tree strength.

The stronger categories that call for higher tons include oak, walnut, and other hardwoods. Additional considerations include horizontal splitters or vertical splitters, the ability to move the machine by hands and the availability of multiple splitting wedges, particularly for heavy-duty users. The operating height of the main shaft should also be right given that too high is bad for a large, long while too low is dangerous for your back.

There are so many considerations and the only sure way of getting out with the right log splitters is by walking into the Riverstone Mover World Store in Sydney to make your choice from several brands and models available with help from the dedicated experts.

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