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Atom Edgers and equipment at Riverstone Mower World

Atom 2 stroke edger - Model: 310

Atom Electric Edger
Model: 310

2000W motor
3" cutting depth
8.4kg dry weight
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Atom Edgers and equipment at Riverstone Mower World

Atom 2 stroke edger - Model: 450

Atom Deluxe Domestic / Semi-Pro Edger
Model: 454

Full crank Zenoah 2 stroke motor
3" cutting depth
7.5kg dry weight

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Atom Edgers and equipment at Riverstone Mower World

Atom 4 stroke edger - Model: 440

Atom Deluxe Domestic Edger
Model: 480

25cc 4 stroke Honda motor
3" cutting depth
8kg dry weight

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Atom Edgers and equipment at Riverstone Mower World

Atom 560 edger

Atom Professional Edger
Model: 561

35cc Honda 4 stroke motor
3" cutting width
9kg dry weight

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Rover Edgers and equipment at Riverstone Mower World

Rover edger at Riverstone Mower World

Rover Edger
Model: 25A-554M333

140cc Briggs and Stratton engine
9" dual blade
3 wheels

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Purchasing a lawn edger is such a great decision because it adds a manicured look to your garden and yard by clean-cutting the spaces between two distinct areas. This not only makes the garden look sharp but also gives it that personalized touch. As much as some people would consider edging as an extravagant and a needless extra effort and expense affair, to others the lawn just isn't done unless it's well edged and trimmed. To achieve that ultimate finely groomed lawn, it's imperative that one invests in the right tools. Remember the old adage, "using the right tool for the right job". That very much applies in this scenario and the easiest and quickest way is to get a high quality lawn edging tool.

When to use an Edger Usually edgers have a vertical spinning, metal blade that cuts through thick grass and roots. They are designed to be stable on the ground and are slightly bigger. They do a better job at edging than most string trimmers and are ideal for sidewalks and driveways. They are either gas-powered or electrical and provided the soil is dry, one should edge the lawn at least once in a month.

Things to consider when buying a lawn edger

Whenever one is preparing to buy any power equipment, the sheer number of choices and cost ranges can be so overwhelming. Most often than not, one would wish there was a rule-of-thumb when out shopping for a lawn edger because the task can be very daunting. All the service providers do is advertise they products and all you see is 'edger for sale' but with less information given about it.

Below are the things one should consider before purchasing any edger.

1. Size of the yard/lawn

It's important to always remember the larger the lawn you are edging, the larger the lawn edger. If your property has several areas that need regular edging, then consider a more powerful edger that is easy to push and maneuver.

2. Gas or electric edger

Petrol/ gas-powered units are more powerful than electric ones and most preferred for larger areas which require ultimate power and speed. On the other hand, electric edgers are lighter and better suited for smaller yards or areas which don't require frequent use. It's important to note that gas-powered units are noisy and detrimental to the environment while the electric ones are environmentally friendly.

3. Time

Lawn edging requires time especially with a larger area to cover. If you have all the time on your hands then you would probably do just fine with a manual edger or an edger with a smaller blade and less overall power. However, most people don't enjoy the luxury of time and therefore a more advanced edging tool will serve them much better.

4. One,Three or four wheels

One wheeled edgers are perfect for corners or obstacles for the are easy to maneuver. The three and four wheeled edgers are more stable and ideal for long straight edges.

5. Two or four cycle engine

If you are planning on purchasing a gas-powered edger, then you need to consider the two engine types available. Two cycle engine is the most common but require one to mix the gas and oil and it's also harsh on the environment. On the other hand, four cycle engines run efficiently but are more expensive.

6. Type of blade

Most of the edger blades spin perpendicularly on the ground and are best suited for typical edging jobs. Recent advances feature blades that can be angled for a different finish. In as much as straight blades are great, angled blades offers the ultimate flexibility and gives a nice angled finish especially around flower beds.


Some properties features continuous edges and may require the user to move the edger from one place to another. Before buying the edger, see to it that you are comfortable carrying it around and it should be at least lightweight.


Its imperative that one establishes the budget for the power equipment. If keeping the lawn well edged is a priority and its frequently done, then be ready to spend a little bit more on preferably high quality gas-powered unit. On the other hand, if edging is not as important or you have a smaller area then a cheaper electric unit should be just perfect.

For the ultimate value and quality, it's hard to look past the following edgers.

1. Atom Electric edger 310

This is mainly ideal for small areas and its electric hence environmentally friendly. It is also light-weight, silent during operation, has a long-lasting 4-blade cutting system and it has numerous safety features.


2. Atom edger model 450

It is a light-weight heavy duty edger that cuts neat edges anywhere easily and very quickly. It is easy to work with it around curbs, gutters, tight corners, garden plots for all one has to do is just tilt the edger sideways.


3. Atom Edger model 440

It is light weight and with the four blade cutting system, it provides a more sharp finish anywhere in the yard from corners and curbs to gutters.


4. Atom Edger Model 560

With a very powerful motor taking pride in Honda 35cc combined with a 4 blade cutting system, it will edge even the toughest lawns. With so many additional and comfort features its ideal for any lawn car contractor or pro.


5. Rover edger model 25B-550H333

This is ideal for straight and square edges. It's easy to start and also offers reliable height adjusting features up to 6 positions.


Edging makes the lawn look neat and great. Whichever lawn edger one decides on, the end results of using a lawn edger are impeccable. To buy a lawn edger just see to it that it's tailor-made for your needs and always place the quality above cost because the investment is worth it.

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