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Stihl BT 130 auger

Stihl Single-Operator Earth Auger
Model: BT131

Professional, single operator earth auger
36.3cc, 4-mix engine
710ml fuel tank capacity
10kg dry weight


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Stihl BT 360 auger

Stihl Two-Man Earth Auger
Model: BT360

Proven high torque engine for drilling work as a couple
60.3cc, 2 man auger
550ml fuel tank capacity
28.5kg dry weight



Drilling rigs depending on their functions are massive plant equipment used for drilling water wells, natural gas extraction and oil wells. When the drilling machines are small enough so that they can be moved manually, then they are called augers. Tanaka Augers are a good example of this category of drilling rigs. Tanaka Augers are specially designed to generate holes on the earth's surface. For many years Tanaka Augers industry has been leading competitor in development of Augers. Most of its equipment are sold and distributed by Riverstone Mower World (http://www.riverstonemowerworld.com.au/).

One simple objective of Riverstone Mower World has been to ensure that the clients get an excellent machine with a wide variety of horsepower, effective torque and thrust to counter the challenges related to different working environments.

Tanaka Augers machines have quick return system distributed exclusively by Riverstone Mower World. The machines provide 20,000 lbs. of pull and push at a very high speed without any dogging during retracts. This is because the system of Tanaka Auger Machine engages rightly to the tract of the machine. The Tanaka Augers benefiting features makes it easier for the machine to operate in demanding climatic zones and any.

Tanaka Augers machines are specially designed with quality features like QuikSplit™ design. This feature allows partitioning of the machine into different sections so as to house lighter and even faster lifts in to the bore pit. The machine is properly set to ensure that the operator's safety is preserved.

Advantages of the Auger machines include:

Increased capability to pull and push product.Increased and effective visibility. This allows the operator to vividly observe the master pusher.Center-line is lowered with wide stand. This provides more stability.The clutch is hydraulically enabled making it easier and very comfortable to operate.Lack of hook rollers ensures that the machine locks safely and efficiently to the pathway.The machine has user friendly functional button which allows activities such as feathering of the revolution and gentle turn of shafts to run smoothly. This allows easy and faster auger installation.Brilliant graphics guide for proper and much safe operation of the machineThe machine enjoys worldwide spare parts and technical support.

The latest version of the Tanaka Augers comes with a complete upright packaging system which includes a dosing unit mainly for liquids. The piston pump allow for gentle flowing liquids and any gravity course valve for the typical flowing liquids. The machine is fitted with OMRON PLC-touchscreen which is stainless brace version mainly SS304 and or optional SS316 which makes the machine have self-diagnosed features. The OMRON PID heat controller, SCHNEIDER and OMRON electronic special parts, electrically powered tension controller, fast and very smooth film carriage and the AIRTAC inflated components allows the Auger to perform its function properly. The Auger machines are fitted with Back seal bags mainly pillow and stick-packs and a perpendicular seal of width ranging from 8mm to horizontal seal breadth of 8mm, with a serrate cutting way. The Film pulling has a motor and parallel sealing unit, inflated and appropriately designed for coated BOPP film. The Chain-bag has a Hotpoint coder which included 3 lines and 10 characters respectively. Other Specifications include speed of up to 30-70 pieces per min; film width of not more than 180mm and a bag size of dimensions L (30-180) by W (10-80) mm. this comes with double pulling ability of about 220V and 2.5KW. The Machine dimensions range from rL1400 by W1100 by H1400 mm and weight of 400kg.

The above features allow the Augers to sample underground mineral deposits, underground water and physical properties, rock and soil testing. They may also be used when installing sub-surface constructions like underground valuables, instrumentation and tunnels. Auger Machines are mobile equipment fixed on trucks and tracks. They can also be fixed on trailers especially permanent property and marine-based constructions.

The best selection of Augers for sale

There are several types of Tanaka Auger machines with each having a special design. Majority of Tanaka Auger machines are capable of interchanging or combining diverse boring technologies as may be needed. Auger machines can be used in many different sites such mining and drilling industries, water and well drilling, Petroleum drilling companies among many other places where extraction and underground exploration is required

Tanaka Auger Machines are available at Riverstone Mower World. These machines come with different prices depending on the type of machine you are looking for. If you have a problem getting these machines then Riverstone Mower World is the best solution for you. 

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