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Mower Blades - Riverstone Mower World
Trimmer line
Diamond trimmer line Riverstone Mower WorldTrailblazer trimmer line Riverstone Mower World

Briggs & Stratton SAE30 1 & 4 Litre
Briggs & Stratton oil - Riverstone Mower World

Safety Glasses
Safety Glasses - Riverstone Mower World
Mulcher plugs
honda mulch plug - Riverstone Mower World
Brushcutter Blades - Riverstone Mower World
Honda 10W30
1 and 5 Litre
honda 10w30 oil - Riverstone Mower World
Ear Muffs
Fuel containers
2.5 litre fuel container - Riverstone Mower World5 lire fuel container - Riverstone Mower World
Shoulder harness
Shoulder Harness 194x85 - Riverstone Mower World
Shoulder Harness 126x150 - Riverstone Mower World
2 stroke for air cooled engines
1 and 4 Litre
1 litre 2 stroke oil - Riverstone Mower World4 litre 2 stroke oil - Riverstone Mower World
Shin guards
Shine guards - Riverstone Mower World
Grass Bags
Grass Bags - Riverstone Mower World
Brushcutter Heads - Riverstone Mower World
1L, 4L and 20L Bar and Chain oil
1L Bar and Chain oil - Riverstone Mower World20L Bar and Chain oil - Riverstone Mower World
Helmets and Visors
Helmets and Visors - Riverstone Mower World


Be sure to visit Riverstone Mower World for all your power equipment accessories, because that is the only place where you will find the best bargain.

If you live in Riverstone, NSW you are surely familiar with the name John Stewart Mowers, who have been offering the customers products ranging from brush-cutters, hedge-trimmers, pruners, mowers, and much more power equipment. For well over twenty years this has been the case for John himself. Well, the name has since been changed to Riverstone Mower World and with it a bigger premises to showcase even more products, and an addition of experienced staff to cater for all your outdoor power equipment needs.

Chances are some of you may be having a product or two from Riverstone Mower World. If you do, the good news is that you can also purchase power equipment accessories, also from Riverstone Mower World. Even if you did not purchase from the store, you can still get what you want here.

Some of the accessories include:

For Mowers; blades, mulcher-plugs, fuel containers, and grass bags.

These just about cover the whole list of accessories you may need for a mower. If your blades get worn out, for example, the obvious thing you would do is to sharpen them, right? Only skilled professionals such as those at Riverstone Mower World will make sure that this is done right for you. However, with the most affordable blades being made available there, you may opt to just replace them with longer lasting ones. In fact, it would be even easier to install mulching blades, or 3-in-one blades, instead. To protect your mulching blades, a mulcher-plug may come very much in handy. To top it all up, you will obviously need a fuel container, if you use a fuel-powered mower, and of course a grass-collection bag. You will find other accessories as you go along.

For Brush-Cutters; Trimmer line, blades, shoulder harnesses, heads, etc.

As you may be aware, in recent times people have been using brush-cutters more often because of the ease of operation they offer. It is therefore essential that for such power equipment to be able to serve you for years to come there must be a place where you can easily get accessories. The most important accessory in a brush cutter is the trimmer line. At Riverstone Mower World you will find a wide range of them, suited to your trimming needs. The professional there will ensure that you choose the correct one for your trimming needs. If it is the brush-cutter head that is damaged, you can get a replacement there too. If you need the blades you can also find them there. To help you hold your brush cutter firmly while you use it you will also need a shoulder harness. These are designed to comfortably fit your shoulders and hold the cutter in one hand. The idea is for you to get durable and reliable equipment and accessories from one place so as to avoid disappointment at the time you need help most.

For your safety while working with outdoor power equipment, Riverstone Mower World offers the most essential products to choose from. There are Safety Glasses for when you are using a brush-trimmer, for example, when cutting hedges. Safety should always be first. Others include ear muffs, shin guards, helmets and visors. When you have a heavy task of mowing, trimming, and hedging to do you may need to have these accessories nearby, or on you, at all times.

All machines and equipment may need servicing from time to time. At Riverstone Mower World you will find oils suited for each machine. To ensure a longer lifespan for your power equipment it is essential to use the best quality and recommended oil for them. You will find such oils as, Briggs & Stratton SAE 30 in 1L or 4L, Honda 10W30 in 1L or 5L, 2 Stroke for air-cooled engines in 1L and 4L, and also 1L, 4L, and 20L Bar and Chain oil. All these are available to make sure that your equipment runs smoothly.

If you can purchase these accessories and fit them yourself, please do. However we strongly recommend that you leave such jobs of repair and replacement to professionals like those at Riverstone Mower World for quality work. You can find out more about the services, power equipment accessories, products, etc at www.riverstonemowerworld.com.au.

Riverstone Mower World
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